5 Ideas to Make Sure You Are Putting Out Valuable Content

5 Ideas To Make Sure You Are Putting Out Valuable Content
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Valuable content is king on the internet. Often, we are left wondering, “what exactly is considered valuable content and how do I know if I am creating it?”

Here are 5 Ideas that will help you:

Research Your Audience

Before you start writing, it is important that you understand who you are writing for. Take the time to identify who your audience is. Think beyond just demographics. You also want to determine their psychographics. For example, what are their hopes, dreams, fears, and beliefs? Paint a clear picture. You want to be able to describe a typical day in the life of your potential buyer.

What Are Their Biggest Concerns or Interests

This is a common mistake that we see. Many bloggers become so interested in writing about their perspective and/or opinions, that they forget they need to write for their target audience. Otherwise, they are just writing articles that no one is interested in. By identifying your target audience’s biggest concerns or interests, you are more likely to have them read your blog and subscribe to it.

How Do They Prefer to Take in Their Information?

content marketingWhen you write a blog, you want to make sure that you write it in the context and format that your target audience prefers to take in information. For example, do they prefer to read something more conversational or professional? Do they like information broken up into bullet points? Or, would they prefer to read an essay? Maybe they don’t like to read and prefer to watch a video. Answering these questions first will ensure that you are spending your time and effort wisely.

Offer Resources and Tools

Often, the topics you write about relate to or parallel other blogs or thought leader ideas. It is helpful to use resources to build credibility. Try to include external resources to show that you have done your research on the topic. Want to add more value? Including content offers will add value to your blog. You can create and offer a helpful inbound marketing tool, checklist, eBook, video, or more to give your reader that little bit extra.

Run A VCT (Valuable Content Test)

In our company, we have 3 different team members write, read, and edit our blogs. Each of them run the blog through the Valuable Content Test. Basically, we ask ourselves 4 simple questions:

  1. Does this blog offer anything that the target audience can apply to their life today to make it better?
  2. Does this blog offer any kind of entertainment value to the target audience?
  3. Is the target audience likely to share this blog with any of their friends or family?
  4. Is this blog written and formatted in a way that is easy to read?

Follow these 5 steps, and you are on your way to creating valuable content that your target audience will want to read!