5 Reasons Why your Business Should Use Google Analytics

Man looks at Google Analytics on a mobile phone

You’ve used Google before for search, but what about Google Analytics? If you’re not using Google Analytics, you’re missing out on valuable data about your company’s website that could transform the commercial success of your business. With Google Analytics, you don’t just get to see how users behave on your website, but you also gain insight into how to optimize your website for greater utility and value.

First, we’ll look at what Google Analytics is, then we’ll consider the incredible benefits it can offer your business.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an online platform that allows you to observe and monitor the activity from visitors to your site. Google Analytics tracks visitors and tells you how they came to your site and what a visitor did while on your website. It can even tell you whether they converted and chose to purchase your product or signed up to a mailing list. You can also see other information about visitors such as their location, age, gender, and interests.

So why should you be using Google Analytics?

You Can Better Understand Your Audience

Because you want this data. Google Analytics can report a huge collection of user-specific information, giving you key insights into exactly who is visiting your site. This can help form your picture of your ideal buyer persona and guide your marketing campaigns and content creation to better target visitors who are most interested in what you have to offer.

You Get Guidance for Content Creation and Web Design

Because Google Analytics allows you to see which pages and posts are the most (and least) popular, you can better guide content creation in the future. By understanding which pages have the highest bounce rate, you can directly see what content or design is driving visitors away from your site. Google Analytics allows you to see where visitors are ‘bouncing’ or abandoning their shopping carts, so you can improve site design and user experience. Google Analytics can even tell you what devices and operating system your visitors are using, so you can optimize their experience of your website.

Marketing Team Meeting Brainstorming Research Concept - google analyticsYou Can Create an Outstanding Marketing Campaign

When you have more information about what your website visitors love and what’s important to them, you can create a more specific, targeted and effective marketing campaign. Marketing is an ongoing process that needs continuous updates and renewal to stay relevant and powerful. Information from Google Analytics about your content, website performance, ideal customer persona, and visitor’s navigation of your site can help shape and guide your inbound marketing and allow you to target and nurture leads along the buyer’s journey.

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You Can See Where to Invest

When you have data about what’s creating a return for your business and what isn’t, you also know where you should invest and where your budget is best allocated. If Google Analytics reveals that your site design is letting you down when it comes to conversions, or your content is not optimized well enough to bring visitors to your site from search engines, investing in web design or inbound marketing will help you get better results and more leads and conversions.

It’s Free!

Another great reason your business should be using Google Analytics? It’s free and easy to set up. While Google Analytics makes it easy to start gathering this precious data about your site, the important next step is to interpret the data to add value and improved performance back to your site.

Web design and inbound marketing professionals are best equipped to interpret Google Analytics data to transform it into realistic, effective and impactful actions for your business.

If you’re not using Google Analytics, visit http://www.google.com/analytics/ and sign up or login using your Google account to start getting fresh new insights and valuable data you can use to make your company site even more outstanding and effective.