7 Digital Marketing Terms You Must Know!

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Our ongoing reliance on search engines and technology has made our focus on digital marketing all the more important and relevant. But in this constantly changing and innovating industry there are always new trends and terms that need to be understood and integrated, so you can stay ahead of the online marketing game. Here are 7 current digital marketing terms every business should know to keep their marketing approach relevant and effective.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Due to the popularity of social media, big data, and cross-platform connectivity, technology now has the potential to know customers better than they know themselves. Artificial intelligence and neural networks are ushering in a new era of targeted marketing implementation. These tools allow for specific, highly focused, and unique content generation to be automated and quickly put in front of customers. This gives customers detailed information on products and services, while marketers get virtually limitless tools and information at their disposal to help reach those customers. AI is already producing results for marketers and businesses at all 4 stages of the buyers’ journey and is anticipated to become an aspect of digital marketing that no business will be able to do without.

What is Contextual Marketing?

If marketing is about delivering the right content to perspective customers, contextual marketing is all about delivering that content at the right moment. Contextual marketing refers to providing targeted ads and content based on a user’s behaviors, information, location, and activity. The intended purpose is to present unique content to customers who are already showing some interest or have a minimum of receptivity to what you have to offer. This has the potential to greatly increase a customer’s engagement with your brand and guide customers along the buyers’ journey where they might otherwise have dropped off.

What is Keyword Proximity?

Keyword use is integral to the success of digital marketing. Keyword proximity measures the distance that two or more keywords are in relation to each other. If keywords are close together you will be rewarded with higher search rankings, but this must be done in a natural, readable way.

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What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the ratio of keywords to total words located in the indexable text on a specific web page. You want a certain number of keywords but not too many for any length of text. If you have too many keywords within a body of text, you will be penalized by search engines, and people reading your web page may lose interest after being inundated with reading the same words repeatedly.

What is Keyword Frequency?

Keyword frequency is the total number of times a keyword appears on a website. While you may be inclined to load up your page with keywords and phrases thinking more is better, you could end up hurting your marketing rather than helping it. Google and other search engines view excessive keyword frequency as a sign of spam and will heavily penalize your site.

What is Keyword Prominence?

Keyword prominence refers to the specific locations of your keywords within your web page. Prominence can be improved upon by placing your keywords and phrases in a few specific places across your web page: at the beginning of the web page, in the title, in some H tags, and in some meta tags.

What is Keyword Stemming?

Keyword stemming refers to the use of variations of your keywords. Search engines produce search results using not only exact matches of keywords, but also variations of those keywords. These variations can come in several different forms, usually related to semantic groups. Search engines will group similar keywords together.

Being aware of these digital marketing terms and implementing these techniques in your digital marketing strategy will help your site remain favorable to search engines like Google, and help boost your overall traffic and sales.