How to Build an Appealing Content Offer to Attract Quality Leads

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Attracting leads is the primary goal of any marketing strategy. Attracting quality leads is even more important, as quality leads are more worth the investment of time and effort it takes to convert these leads to sales.

When it comes to online marketing, content offers are an effective tool used to attract quality leads. A content offer is where you offer potential customers some content or information of value such as an eBook, guide, or how-to video in exchange for their contact information. This indicates interest in your product or service and turns this contact into a lead. Here’s how you can build an appealing content offer that will attract quality leads.

Step 1: Define your Target Customer and identify their persona

To develop a good content offer, you must first know your target customer. Beyond just knowing who the customer is based on demographics, there is also the customer’s persona to consider. You need to know their motivations, typical behaviors, and goals for visiting your online content, to begin with.

Once you define your target customer, you can more easily design lead magnets to draw in those customers, including a content offer that will appeal to them. Once the potential customer has been drawn in by a content offer, they will be more willing to engage with your business in some way, such as signing up for an email list. This strengthens the lead and makes it easier to market to this potential customer in the future.

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Step 2: Determine the Topic and Format for your Content Offer

If you are going to make a content offer, your goal is to draw in potential customers so that they will become a quality lead. For this to work, the content must be appealing. You will need to research topics that are most likely to interest your ideal buyer persona. You might look at competitor websites, examine keyword trends, and follow social media posts. All this can help you identify the best topic that is current, relevant and valuable to your ideal buyer.

Next, you can choose a format for your content from one of many popular options. The most common formats tend to be how-to guides or a type of eBook. However, you can also offer content through a video format or a free sample of an actual product. Your selection should depend on your products and services. Your customer persona should also be used to make this decision.

Step 3: Make your Content Offer Compelling with a Clear Call to Action

Once you have made your decisions for target audience, topic, and format, you will need to stand out in an often-crowded online market. To do this, your offer needs to be compelling. The offer should make clear why this content is valuable and essential to your customer. Hosting this offer on a well-crafted landing page can ensure you get much more interest and engagement. You may want to appeal to emotions, logic, and economic sensibility with your content offer, and give your recipients a call to action as a direct way to respond to the information you provide.

Make it obvious to the client what they will get and what they have to do to obtain that content. This makes your content offer appealing in the final stages of this aspect of the buyer’s journey, where a customer clicks the button and receives your content.

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Offering content is the ideal way to attract better quality leads, as it gives you a high return on investment and builds trust in your customers, all while you gather high quality leads to nurture on the buyer’s journey.