How to Develop a Positioning Statement for your Home Remodeling Company

How To Develop A Positioning Statement for Your Home Remodeling Company

Your Positioning Statement outlines the unique way that your home remodeling service fulfills the needs of your clients. It’s one of the key ways to connect with and engage your clients, by showing them the true value of what you have to offer as a home remodeling company. The home remodeling companies that we work with are the best in their industry and provide the highest quality to their clients. However, no matter how good you are, you’re going to miss out on leads if you can’t show your customers exactly what makes you unique. That’s why we always work with our clients to develop impactful, memorable positioning statements when creating a marketing strategy.

Step 1: Identify Your Buyer Persona

Before you can make an offer that’s impossible to resist, you need to identify who you are offering it to. That means finding your ideal buyer persona. This needs to be clear and precise to ensure you know who your target market is, and that they want what you’re offering. We take a systematic and research-based approach to finding and identifying your best clients so that you can categorize your ideal buyer persona with clarity. This will be the group your positioning statement is directed to or your ‘target market.’

Step 2: Find Your Point of Difference (POD)

The next step is identifying what it is you offer your ideal buyer that your competitors don’t offer. This is your point of difference, the thing that makes you unique amongst other home remodeling companies. This insight may come from market research or experience, or it may be a core part of your mission or goals. This is mainly your selling point – why do clients choose your company over and over again? You can also look at the most significant issues your clients face. Is it completing remodel work within a scheduled time frame? Sticking to an original budget? Providing environmentally sustainable remodeling solutions? The most valuable attribute is whatever makes you stand out compared to your competitors.

positioning statementStep 3: Look at Your Competitors/Industry

To help clarify your Point of Difference and to provide a reference framework for your positioning statement, you first need to identify what industry you fit into. You may choose to cover the ‘home remodeling industry’ more generally, or perhaps you want to identify yourself as a specialist in bathroom remodels or kitchen remodels. Once you’ve found your industry, you want to look at your competition. What need are they failing to address for their clients? What service points are they missing? This can help inform your Point of Difference.

Step 4: Provide the Evidence

The last part of your positioning statement involves showing your customers why they should believe you. This improves your credibility and trustworthiness and gives customers a substantial reason for doing business with you. Your evidence should provide back-up for whatever your point of difference is.

Putting it Together

At the end of this process, you can put it all together in a positioning statement like this –

“Our company offers [Buyer Persona] with [Point of Difference] than any other [Your Industry]. We do this by [Your Evidence].”

So for a premium home remodeling company, the Positioning Statement could look like this –

“Premium Remodels offers Upper Middle-Class homeowners with higher quality finishes and a smoother remodel process than any other home remodeling company. We do this by using advanced building technology, real-time communication, a dedicated approach to your remodel, and drawing on over 30 years of experience in the industry.”

Developing a positioning statement indicates not only what you have to offer to your customers, but who you are as a company. It’s essential to clarify your positioning statement before progressing with your marketing strategy. Talk to Leads Ngin today about developing a Positioning Statement that captures your unique point of difference and engages your target market.