Why Long Tail Keywords Produce Better Leads for General Contractors

Why Long Tail Keywords Produces Better Leads For General Contractors

Let’s start off by explaining the difference between a short tail keyword and a long tail keyword. For example, a short tail keyword would be a search on google for “home remodeling contractor” or “general contractor.” Before internet technology, home owners that had a need or want, would open up a phone book and look for a business by the industry type. As the internet started developing more useful information, home owners have started changing the ways that they make purchasing decisions. Home owners are now doing research before they make buying decisions. They will go online and begin to do long tail keyword searches: “How do I know if a general contractor does good work?” or “How do I know if I will need a permit for my home remodel?”

What we have found is that the short tail keywords are also more competitive, which leads to a higher degree of difficulty in getting rankings on Google. This consequently leads to higher marketing costs. In addition, you will have more competition when it comes to your pricing. This has a lot to do with the type of home owner that does this type of search. They feel that what you do is a commodity and that everyone does the same thing. Generally, they just want to find the general contractor with the lowest price.

On the other hand, homeowners that do long tail keyword searches are looking for value. They are educating themselves about the different factors that are important in the home remodeling process as well as the differences between home remodeling companies. In the same process, these homeowners are identifying what is important to them, and also prioritizing those factors. Aside from all of this, they are also more realistic about their budgets and expectations.