How Plumbers can Benefit from an Inbound Marketing Strategy

How Plumbers can Benefit from an Inbound Marketing Strategy
The plumber is posing in the kitchen. He looks at the tablet and smiles. Behind him is a client and communicates with the second plumber. A black toolbox is next to it.

Your plumbing business relies on new customers being able to find you, and existing customers choosing you again and again. Many customers first find a plumber when they experience a plumbing emergency such as a busted pipe, leaky faucet, or sewage backup. They need help fast and the first place they usually turn is to the internet to search for advice or the nearest emergency plumber. Inbound marketing is an online marketing strategy that’s specifically designed to bring customers to you when they need you, meaning you get more great leads, and more hits for your business.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Plumbers

The plumbing industry is unique in that it can specifically benefit from an expertly designed inbound marketing strategy. This is because every week, thousands of people are searching the web for information about their plumbing systems and looking for great plumbers in their area. If your plumbing business doesn’t have an online marketing strategy with an expertly designed and well-optimized website, blog, social media, email marketing and more, you’re missing out on the great leads that your competitors will get instead.

Some of the benefits of inbound marketing for plumbers include:

Your Customers Easily Find You

Inbound marketing helps your business appear higher in search results and spreads your business name online, so you become a trusted plumbing authority. This is important because many potential customers will be looking for a plumbing company online when they need specific advice or emergency help. Publishing a regular, search engine optimized blog is one effective way to boost inbound marketing results. Leads are more likely to search for topics related to the blogs you write, and if you’ve offered an expert answer, your website receives more visits.

Attracting customers to your plumbing websiteYou Can Retain Existing Customers

By keeping them involved with engaging content and blog posts, providing special offers on social media, and maintaining contact with personalized automated emails, inbound marketing helps you stay in touch with existing customers so that you’re the first name they think of when they need plumbing help.



You Get More Quality Leads

Putting a billboard beside a local road might not be the best investment for your marketing dollars; not everyone who drives past will need a plumber. But by investing in inbound marketing, your customers will find you when they need you, meaning you don’t just get more leads, you get high-quality leads who are interested and ready to engage with your business.

You Establish Yourself as an Expert

By publishing a high-quality and informative blog, while offering relevant content through an online marketing strategy, you establish yourself as an expert in the plumbing industry. This also turnings you into someone whom customers can go to when they have questions or issues with their plumbing system.

You Get Optimum Marketing Return on Investment

In a world where over 80% of people search for a business online before making a purchase choice, inbound marketing is the most efficient and valuable method of marketing, today. Inbound marketing makes your website your best salesperson, working around the clock to bring customers to you so you can spend more time running your business. Best of all, inbound marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods, giving you the highest return on investment for your marketing dollar.

Are you a plumber without an inbound strategy? Maybe you have a website with little website traffic, emails, or calls for business. Inbound marketing is what you need to bring new life to your business with high quality leads for ongoing profitability and success.