5 Reasons Why Your Website Should be at the Top of Your Priority List

5 reasons why your website should be at the top of your priority list

Did you know that the average American spends over 20 hours online each week and that number increases every year? Most of us devote that time to social media, reading news stories, and shopping, all of which involve visiting a website. If you run any business, a website is essential to reach your customers, and can even become your best salesperson.

Unfortunately, some companies simply throw together a website so they can check it off their to-do list. Poor design, clunky navigation, and poor content works against your intentions, ultimately costing you customers and profit. To appeal to customers, you need to put time and effort into your website as an ongoing project that you give time and attention to, updating it periodically. Here’s why you need to keep your website on your priority list.

1. First Impressions

When customers first hear about your product or services, the first step they’ll usually take is visiting your website to find out more about you. This creates the first impression they receive of your products, services, and customer service. Even when people are planning to visit a restaurant or brick-and-mortar store, they often visit the website first. This gives them a sense of whether that business will meet their expectations. If your website is poorly designed or clearly out of date, it may turn potential customers away. It can give a negative impression, one that leaves them thinking your products could disappoint.

website design2. Brand Support

A well-designed website creates a strong impression of your professionalism, brand, and trustworthiness. Even if a client has already visited your physical location or heard about your online options from a friend, they will want to visit your website themselves to learn more. If that visit leaves them uninformed or even frustrated with your web design, you may lose a potential customer. Research has shown that after viewing a poorly designed website, people are less likely to recommend your company.


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3. Solves Problems

Sometimes potential or existing customers visit the company website for more information about the product or service. For example, if they purchase a product from your website, they are likely to return for information about the functions of the product. If your website lacks usable or useful information and engaging content, potential customers may not purchase, and existing customers may not become return customers. Always focus on offering high-quality and relevant content on your website that your clients will see real value in.

4. Customer Interaction

Good website design allows your customers and potential customers to interact with your company. Most people visit websites wanting quick information and clear direction for how to navigate the information there. Poor design will make it difficult for them to interact. When the design is good, your customers may spend even longer on your website, which helps them progress on the buyer’s journey and establishes trust in your expertise.

5. Effective Advertising

With the right design, content, and optimization, your website can become your most powerful sales tool, while still requiring relatively little effort from you. This is what builds leads and ultimately profits. It’s what keeps your business in business. Whether your website is simply providing introductory information for a customer in the Awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, or providing an opportunity to continue to delight an existing customer, your website deserves time and resources to ensure it is always high quality, relevant and appealing. Well-designed websites attract potential customers and lead them to purchase your product or service.

Although you may understand the importance of maintaining an outstanding website, you might not have the time or skills to maintain and update your website yourself. Websites do require an investment of time and skill to perform at their best for your business. That’s why we offer expert website design and inbound marketing services to help you effortlessly attract quality leads and convert them into customers for the success of your business.