Top 10 Techniques to Increase your Online Sales

Top 10 Techniques to Increase your Online Sales

Online shopping is more popular today than ever before. The products you want at your fingertips, flexible shopping to fit your timing, and often better pricing than in the store. So if you’re a business that offers their products and services online, you might be wondering why you’re not seeing more sales.

With the success of online shopping, competition is increasing too. Here’s how you can stand out from the crowd and delight your customers so that you can increase your online sales.

1. Streamline Site Navigation

If your website visitors cannot locate important information, they may become frustrated and leave your site entirely. Your site needs to be well-organized to guide potential customers to the information they want and direct them towards the necessary steps for selecting and purchasing your products.

2. Start With Clear Headlines

The header text on your webpage informs the reader of the main topic and subtopics. It guides their reading and draws them to the most important information (or at least the information they find most important). Headlines must capture attention and draw attention to your product/service.

3. Make Content Readable

Beyond just good titles, you also need text content that is easily readable and immediately engaging for the potential customer. Use direct and straightforward language that people can understand at a glance, with easy to read typesetting. Employ bold portions of text to draw more focus.

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4. Choose Good Photos and Graphics

If your website has stock photos or outdated graphics, it will be worth the investment to update and upgrade those. Add high-quality images of your products, employees or services. Research shows the when potential customers can see the product in use they are more likely to buy.

best website design to increase sales5. Use Empty Space

Good web design for sales is not just affected by what you add to the page; it is also affected by what you leave off. Good web pages include some blank space, so the viewer does not feel overwhelmed and can more easily focus on the important elements, including those that guide them to purchase.

6. Show Customer Satisfaction

Potential customers like to know that others have been happy with your products and services. After all, nothing’s more powerful than word of mouth. Include some proof of customer satisfaction on your web pages. This could be in the form of statistics or customer testimonials. If your company has won any awards, be sure to highlight them.

7. Highlight Extra Services And Guarantees

If your company offers additional special services or guarantees for the purchasing process and product, be sure to highlight them on your webpage. This could include security badges assuring the customer their purchase information will be safe, return policies, and money-back guarantees. You can display other badges specific to your particular product, such as Non-GMO and Gluten Free for food items.

8. Close With a Call-To-Action

The call-to-action (or CTA) portion of any page specifically informs the reader of the next step they should take. This might be a link to purchase a product or to sign-up for a service. For the highest success, close pages with a personalized CTA designed to match the audience, mainly whether they are leads, visitors, or already paying customers. Research shows that this increases sales conversion rates.

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9. Optimize Focus On The CTA

To make the call-to-action most effective, it needs to be the center of attention on the page. Increase that focus by optimizing the text near the call-to-action. Make sure that text is clear and direct. You might use bold text to draw attention and questions like “Ready to buy?” to guide them to the CTA link.

10. Try Pop-Up Offers

Businesses often assume that pop-ups annoy the customer. However, when used strategically, pop-ups can increase sales. Particularly, a pop-up reminding a still shopping customer that they have items in their “shopping cart,” can reduce the likelihood that they will navigate away before finishing their purchase.

These techniques make it obvious that the right web design, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing can transform your sales and boost your profits. Don’t neglect your website and online marketing strategy – utilize these techniques to make your website your best sales tool.