How to Get Higher Quality Qualified Leads Through Content Marketing

How to Get Higher Quality Qualified Leads Through Content Marketing
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Every business whether large or small wants more high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers. If you’re a home remodel contractor, high-quality leads are the bedrock of your business and the foundation of your success. With the advent of the internet, more homeowners who are interested in remodeling are starting their search for information online.

This is where targeted content marketing can make a difference, shifting your business from lackluster marketing and poor sales, to outstanding service and enhanced growth.

Inbound marketing, SEO, Marketing agency, Inbound strategiesStart with the Buyer’s Journey

Every client that approaches your business website online is at some point on the buyer’s journey. In the world of Inbound Marketing, we talk about the Buyer’s Journey as a framework to help understand the client frame of mind, to help provide solutions to their most significant needs and concerns at present.

Potential clients start the Buyer’s Journey at the Awareness Stage, move through the Consideration Stage when weighing options, and make their choice at the Decision Stage. With high-quality content marketing, you can provide valuable resources and information for your clients at each different stage of the buyer’s journey.

Pinpoint Your Personas

It’s critical that you understand everything about the clients who will benefit most from your services so that you can target them with your content. By developing your ideal buyer persona, you can qualify the wants, needs, preferences, and demographics of your ideal client in unique and specific terms. This helps you to develop and provide content that addresses the most common concerns your clients have, to meet their greatest need and look to your business as an expert resource.

By engaging with high-quality, targeted information, your ideal buyer personas will be more likely to choose to do business with you.

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Provide High-Value Content Offers

To attract high-quality, qualified leads, you need to offer quality information and resources that your clients can use. For home remodeling businesses, the most popular content that homeowners find valuable include design guides, home design blog posts, home remodeling investment planners and online home design apps. The content you provide should distinguish your business as an authority in the industry, and be so valuable, clients would be willing to pay for it.

By offering this high-value content, with different resources targeted for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, you can truly speak to potential clients, and show them how your business will address their greatest concerns and solve their greatest problems. This is where content turns into a powerful marketing tool for your business, drawing high-quality leads that are already informed about and engaged with your business, and ready to work with you.

Building a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing needs to be integrated with all your online platforms – from your website to your blog, to your email marketing and social media. Coordinating this approach is essential, but it can also be a challenge for businesses who have a lot of other work on their plate.

For a targeted approach that squeezes the maximum value out of your content, talk to our marketing experts at Leads Ngin today. With a free inbound marketing consultation, we can show you how to get even more qualified leads through your content marketing.