The Top 5 Email Automation Tools Compared

The Top 5 Email Automation Tools Compared
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Email automation is an essential tool to give your company the best marketing potential to communicate and convert. Email marketing has a huge benefit for businesses, and email automation makes your emails even more powerful, with an open rate that’s 70.5% higher than standard emails, and 152% higher click-through rate.

But to put your email automation marketing plans into action, you’ll need the perfect email automation tools. Here we compare the top email automation tools, in no particular order, to help you connect and convert more leads.

1. SharpSpring

SharpSpring offers one of the most well-rounded email automation and marketing analytics software, for the best value. Like other email automation software options, SharpSpring also integrates other online and offline marketing tools, including site tracking, built-in CRM, landing page tools, outbound marketing analytics and even offline phone call tracking to help monitor leads.

SharpSpring is perfectly equipped and priced for small and medium-sized businesses, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t. However, enterprises may need a higher-powered software to handle their marketing load.

2. Eloqua

Eloqua is seen as one of the best of email automation tools, offering premium service and a high-powered suite of tools. At the same time, Eloqua has a hefty price tag to match the service and software provided. One of the main benefits lies in the amount of time and effort Eloqua put in to help customers get the most out of the tool. Eloqua is excellent if you need a heavy-duty solution with a lot of technical support and strong customer relationship management (CRM) integration. On the downside, Eloqua may not be for you if you don’t need such high-level software, nor do you have the budget for it.

3. Hubspot

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Hubspot is consistently ranked as one of the top marketing tools providing the ideal balance of value and quality over a range of marketing tasks. Branded as an ‘Inbound marketing software,’ Hubspot does more than just email automation, including integrated tools for SEO, content marketing, and landing pages as well. Hubspot is ideal for the medium to large size business owner and beats out other email automation tools because it includes the additional functionality and convenience of the inbound marketing suite.

One downside to Hubspot is that it has so many functionalities, it can seem a bit overwhelming unless you have a good amount of time to invest in the software. Another downside – the cost. Hubspot is on the more expensive side of marketing automation software, making it lower on the list of choices for those just starting out with inbound marketing.

4. Marketo

Marketo is one of the best-known email automation tools, providing a full selection of tools for marketing and sales teams. If you’re planning to go beyond basic email automation, Marketo offers fantastic options to scale up your approach and make use of their many advanced features. The downside is, if you’re planning to stick to basic email automation and inbound marketing, you won’t get your money’s worth with Marketo. It’s also one of the pricier options available.

5. offers total flexibility with an easy to use interface and excellent customer support. However, software like is not ‘ready to use’ like other email automation options, and requires the investment of some customization and developer time to use. While the flexibility offered is great if you’re looking for advanced functionality that triggers emails based on events rather than just page views, the extra effort required to customize can be a drawback for small businesses who want an out of the box option.

Choosing the right email automation software for your business can be tricky, as you balance the functionality and power you need with what you have to invest. By working with Leads Ngin, we’ll help you find the right fit for your needs while investing the time and effort to get the most out of your email marketing software for maximum impact and more leads.